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Strategy Games
Quiz Time with Chrono 2
Chrono will test you on sounds from various Super Nintendo games.
Maze v2
Go through the maze really quickly before time runs out get to bonus rounds.
Form a row, column or diagonol of three stars by rotating the boxes but avoid forming lines of skull
Move the numbers around and line them consecutively.
Sports Games
Superspeed One On One Soccer
Choose your character and play soccer 1 on 1
Homerun Rally
Aim the cursor in the right spot swing your bat and hit a home run.
Choose to have a freekick against a world cup team
Net Blazer
3-Point basketball practise
Car Racing Games
Spy Hunter
Rave down the highway in your equipped car blasting through enemies and avoiding danger.
Heavy Metal Rider
Custom bikes, nitrous oxide and some heavy traffic. Get ready for some biking fun!
A fun game, race with your skid on this icy track
TGFG Racing
Race around the track smashing into your opponents to knock them off and picking up turbo so you can
Beceri Games
Boll Keeper
Try not to foll the bolls
Sinek Yakalama
Kurbağamız açıkmış. Sinekleri yakalamasında ona yardım edin.
Top Sürme
Yön tuşlarını kullanarak topu masanın üzerinde tutmaya çalışınve bitişe götürün.
Top Sektirme
Ayağı tutararak top saydırmaya çalışın. Dikkat ! ayağı kırmızı şorttan tutmalısınız.
Fighting Games
Bruce Lee
Gangster Alien olarak sokaktaki tüm FBI ajanlarını öldürün.
Shuriken Assault
Throw shurikens at oncoming ninjas shoot them down before they slice you with their samurai sword.
Squirrel Hunt
Shoot down those pesky rabid squirrel that are infesting the clubs.
Casino Games
This is a nice Blackjack games that allow playing upto 5 hands at once
Poker Machine
Poker slot machine
Place your bet on the roulette
Solitaire with japanese anime card back
Shooting Games
This is a ninja fighting game
City Hunter
Shoot your enemies as fast as possible. If they shot you 25 times, you are dead.
Viking Attack
Shoot the viking on the 7 seas
Orcs Overrun
The Orcs are attacking the castle. Your bow and arrows are the only hope to stop them from far and r
Puzzle & Board Games
Memory 2000
A nice remake of the classic Simon Says game
Memory - Rings
Try to repeat the pattern for as many rounds as possible
Another memory game.
Create a Ride
Create a Ride
Other Games
Play your resources and capture the castles using minimum forces.
Spin Stadium
use your own spin to knock out the others
Identify the character before the lift door closes
Dr. Dentist And The Exploding Teeth
Drill away the good tooth and keep all the rotten teeth
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